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Brisbane McGrath Engineering Consultants Ltd

General Info:

About BME Consultants

Brisbane McGrath Engineering Consultants is a boutique consulting firm specializing in structural, civil and roadway engineering. Based on the Caribbean island of St. Kitts, BME Consultants (previously N Brisbane and Associates) has been providing engineering services to the region since 1988. BME Consultants design ti the highest standards including US, UK and international building codes. BME Consultants also understand the challenging requirements of construction in the local environment. The Caribbean region is susceptible to seismic and hurricane activity and BME Consultants has the specialized capabilities and experience to design to meet the region's specific criteria necessary to protect against those eventualities. Standards that engineering firms from outside the Caribbean may not be familiar with or have little experience in.
Our dedicated team of engineers and CAD technicians provides BME Consultants with the resources to provide comprehensive services in-house ensuring continuity and design quality. We work daily with architects, construction and project managers and other engineers and we believe that most successful projects require strong relationships between all stakeholders. BME consultants is known to offer a budget-conscious approach and work to find creative solutions to a project's unique challenges. We look beyond structure to develop optimal solutions for every project.
The Partners
Nicholas Brisbane specializes in strategy planning and provides specific advice to clients about project planning and contact administration issues, contracts and feasibility studies.
Richard McGrath specializes in structural and civil engineering design and computerized solutions and optimization of design options.